Thursday, 12 April 2012

Nexperiment for the day

Wel, heddiw we are going to do a nexperiment. Like on Nina and the neurons. The nexperiment is, is is petrol flammable or merely inflammable. Following government advice, I have placed petrol fully in my bath, taking care away from fully, and putting it over just before here, - did you like that? - and making sure I don't spill any on the carpet. You wouldn't like to see Sioned's face when I've spilt on the carpet. No. I am now going to put my bath in the kitchen. Now the government says I must eat five fruits and vegetables a day, and so - today being a day - I have nipped down the gay hospice and popped some in my wok.

Nawrte boys. However many times you do a nexperiment, you can't say what will happen next time. So I think I'll only bother doing this the once. Be pointless to repeat it you see. Fuck it, I can't get a spark. Ethan Emmanuel Jones bach! Pop down the siop and get us a lighter! What d'you mean they won't serve you? More Nanny State nonsense.

Wel, shall I carry on with the nexperiment? This is an interactive blog in which YOU are the decider. Anyone can vote, except Maude. Sheldrake! Out of my head now! You naughty man.

Touch yes for continue and no for don't continue:-

YES       NO

Btw, I should have said I've got Nigella, Delia, Ramsay, Heston, and Jamie mockneysainsburytwat Oliver in to help with the cooking. Oh yes, and Noel Edmonds. He's a chef for today. Pop your beard snood on Noel, we don't want any accidents.


  1. Interactive blog? Fantastic!

    I vote 'Yes'.

    What was the question?

  2. I'm sorry I haven't a clue.

  3. Depressed of Soho12 April 2012 at 20:50

    Unless doing their aspirational barbie-cues Heston and alikes tend to use an induction hob.

    And other people to do the cooking. Heston can't even follow his 'own' recipes. Hence the arty camerawork. Just in case you were fooled. Which you weren't.

  4. yesnoyesnoyesnoyesnoyesnoyesnonoyes

  5. External calibrance I lack, and Dr. Fill has got the hump. So we'll just have to assume this is more of the usual brilliance...

  6. Quite simply the best - in any category, writer, poet, philosopher, comedian, brain-box. All wrapped up in genius!