Friday, 20 April 2012

later frag and intro to SD proper, after epist/prob/empir/correct abs time

As cultural humans, we are familiar with the efficacy of reductionism. To explain things in terms of simpler things requires the cautionary noticing of the end of the explanation. To continue to nothing, and then beyond to minus nothings, is beyond parody. The less said about nothing, the more correct.

Having looked, but never found, life, yet registered this =false, many further quests have been embarked upon, one direction towards the absent consciousness, the other towards the absent nothing. The quest was born with the concept of the origin of the universe, and has remained co-extant with that carelessly inherited faux-paradox, that taunts cosmogonists in their position as frustrated theologians. It is written =true in the mentalese, for the utility of perceived causality. But we are not using perception for our enquiry, since that would be circular folly. Let us leave the creationists, with their workings out unread, as conclusions vary with their premises.

To show the universe is not mechanistic, some have proffered other mechanisms. And some, peering too close, have described illogical things, whilst marvelling at how logic pervades the universe, and it's twin, mathematics, successfully describes it.

Let us leave the invalid measurers of spacetime, the infinite regress of instruments, and the false separation between instrument and observer – himself, after all, another instrument. The external calibrant required to end the infinite regress is unavailable, outside of spacetime. nowhere, never.

Yet the quest persists as it is written =true, in the mentalese. Of course, I just lied. In some it is =absent, in some =halftrue, still others =twice true. How easily we forget there are others amongst us. Let us not delay with musings on the adaptative possibilities of believing alive=true. For causal explanation of a phenomenon is not required to show that it is false.

Our quest to find life has so far yielded only absence of evidence. Let us now show evidence of absence, lest our enquiry need be widened somewhat to infinity. We shall begin with logic, which we have yet to prove false. Now, we may bypass perception. Now, we are free to dismantle ourselves. We shall demonstrate, to our satisfaction, the falsity of all the macro components of self, all the aspects that constitute person. We shall perceive this all, since we have the time, later.

The thoughts of atoms we may leave to the schizophrenic, the charlatan, the imbecile.

Thus spoke Bendithustra.

REM:- Must get syphilis.

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  1. Mutating germ (9)

    The coding impact of syphilis on the genetic infrastructure of present generations may be traced back. A complex thing is a combination of more simple things. Thus a Man may be seen to be a collection of germs that found ways to group and specialise. We should expect to see the simplest lifeforms continue to combine/provide addition to create future complexities and adaptations to the more complex genotype. In this way, geographic isolation is not necessary to create grouped mutations even to speciation and sudden changes become more transparent with a consideration of immunology.