Monday, 9 April 2012

Poem for the day

Wel, Idris whatsisname is indeed apparently back from his exciting trip to Llundain. He says he hopes he has achieved the best ever anti-elitism protest. Although it's never the two best crews, only the two best from Bridgeox. That's if the selection is done bestly. Yes. But we mustn't spoil his fun – a lot of planning and effort went into it he says, and it would be wrong to impose our views. Anyway, underwater he wrote this – using one of those underwater pens. And a blade. Physician! Heal thyself! Somebody wake him up. Bloody junior doctors sleeping on the job. Almost looks overworked. Unlike Idris' pomes...

A text unread
The same as dead
There's no reply within my head
I wonder what I really said?

Will you read me,
Text me back?
External calibrance I lack

But you're the same
Just far away
We'll never know quite what we say.

REJ:- Calibrance is not a word. No, it's not. What was wrong with calibrants? Btw, did Sioned tell you we're moving? Yes. Just North of the North pole.


  1. Well I never - he gets better and better in every way. So glad I found him.

  2. For better or worse
    Some volumes of verse
    Were all that became
    Of a man with no name
    There's more that was said
    In the depths of his head
    But nobody read
    From the Book of the Dead

  3. Emily Wilding Davison9 April 2012 at 17:49

    It's been confirmed via telepsychopathy with the Marquess of Queensbury (deceased) that one side having an unfair disadvantage should in no way make a race (or races) or its (their) result invalid. What's an oar between clones? Thatcher did it and now too has group identity Obama, so just goes to show - life's what it makes you. If we stopped snobbery, group elitism and cultural capital à la Bourdieu (égalité? bof!), we'd have to start using really unfair things like inherited capability. Then where would you be?
    Spectacular odds against it being writing the best blog in the known universe anyway.