Friday, 23 October 2009

Poem for the day

Bore da. It is pronounced the same way as the Russian for beard. And yet it's meaning could not be more different. Unless Russian beards mean 'good morning', which they well might, we don't know for certain what Russian beards mean because they are generally very reticent and keep their thoughts to themselves. Which is what reticent means. But I digest. Here is today's poem for the day, told to me by a one-legged dryad from monmouthshire. He didn't say what it meant, he only wee'd on my shoe and giggled a lot. I forget the title, but it was written in mescaline.

As one and minus one from nought
Was born the stellar nation
And after birth of Physics brought
New laws against creation.

And then before, with Time began
The coil of Life unwinding
Through simple chains eternal sang
The living watches minding.

And man made God of holy thought
And labelled land and sea
With verbal pledges vainly sought
To bind eternity.

As minus one and one to nought
So purpose reason shatters
Save paradox that binds the light:-
To mind that nothing matters.

For sharper eyes cut through the dark
To mark emotion's core
Then hope again, and strive to live
A life worth dying for.


  1. Excellent poem sir!

    I strive every day to live my life as best I can, it's why I drink so much Tea!

    Nice to have you on the Blogosphere, I look forward to reading more of what you have to say

  2. Blog da! Not a 'bore' at all. Oh! It was another language; my bad. Best of luck with this outlet for your creativity.

  3. It are now following Richard Emmanuel Jones. I'm not, I'm working on genetically engineering rotating pineapples.

  4. I will pass on your kind words. I really don't know what he meant, but he kept giggling and saying it was the 'no first clause' argument.

  5. "Outlet for creativity" is just what this is - superb poetry and prose, light of touch and beautifully apt. It can be read on different levels and the sudden consciousness of the "other" interpretations make for the laugh out loud moments. I am captivated and so glad to have found this writer.

  6. "A man made Star!"
    Dreamed star made Man
    To shine immortally
    So Everything is Nothing planned
    In tandem constantly.