Thursday, 29 October 2009

Poem for the day

Well heddiw we planned to have a more up-market poem from Glyn the fags the radiographer. And the best laid carpets of men and mice come to frenetic fruition in Llanfihangel-y-creuddun as in heaven, as Glyn the fags the radiographer enblesses us with a gem from his poetic jewellery box. Glyn says he is heavily influenced by both R.S. and Dylan Thomas. R.S. Thomas used to write his poetry in a state he described enigmatically as 'lucid orgasm'. Dylan Thomas used to drink a lot. Glyn spends many hours drinking in bed stimulating his creative juices. And as his nickname suggests, he can get you 450g of rolling radiography for £5.50 which is half the price it is in Wil's shop.


Look through the cloaked in misery
That die before mortality
The dreamers of the day see clear
And break the fix of present gaze
To seal their hope in future's glaze
Let not the dark that they may see
Hide dreams of all that which may be
Then turn emboldened, strong once more
To clean the vomit off the floor.

REJ:- Sioned! Are you sure you got the ending right? Where's Glyn wedi mynd?

Sioned:- He's wedi mynd adref. Back to bed he said. Working on an epic isn't it?

REJ:- Diawl Twp! He'll be red-raw rigid! I asked for inspirational! Iesu Mawr!

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  1. Funniest and best of new writing! I love this.