Sunday, 25 October 2009

Poem for the day

Last night I dreamt I could play the neigh-piano with my teeth and when I woke up I had eaten a zebra!

Today's poem is a grook. We are all familiar with the genius and great Dane, Piet Hein. Mari Llwyd-Evans is not a genius, but she is from the lowlands of Cnwch-y-craig. She is today's guest poet. I'm sure she could do better were it not for the womb-hysteria, poor dab has been under the doctor for years. This is what passes for profound in Cnwch-y-craig! Duw, duw, ble mae'r defaid?!

Sometimes I ponder in despair
Why can't I make my daughter share?
The toys upon her little shelf
Are only half her total wealth.

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