Sunday, 25 October 2009

The Pwll Crwn and the giant-insect park.

Three miles north of Aberwristwatch-on-sea, just east of blaennanerch, up a bit no too far back to me stop yes that's it, the Pwll Crwn is a sandless woodland oasis of Douglas Fir and East Anglican Pine, a waterless reservoir of peace and haven to the enstraggled, and the perfect site for a hyperoxygenated giant-insect dome park if Dr. Emrys Williams is to be believed. Emrys Williams' mother tragically died very young - about six years before his birth. It was a difficult labour and people say he never really recovered.

Dr EW:- Thankyou for that most generous introspection.

REJ:- Croeso. Let me help you with that Methadone drip. There we are. Now then, Dr. Williams, first let me thank you for the goat.

Dr EW:- Not at all! It was my mother's idea -

REJ:- um....yes indeed.....and may I take this opportunity to ask once more that you refrain from interfering with Mrs. Jones' laundry -

Dr EW:- You may. My mother wears it you see. For the Sunday best isn't it?

REJ:- She must have enough knickers by now? I mean....let's forget your mother for the moment...

Dr EW:- Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh! Mam! Mam! I'll never forget you! Emrys loves you! Emrys loves you forever! Mam! Mam!

REJ:- Aw dammo. Not again. Sioned! stop typing! This is not going in the transcripulation!

DrEW:- Mam! Mam! I'm coming Mam! Emrys is here! Emrys loves you! Don't go without me Mam! Don't leave me Mam!

REJ:- Aw shit.

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