Saturday, 31 October 2009

Poem for the day

Well today's poem for the day has been brought into my attentions by young Emyr Penlan of Cwm duad. In fact he's going to read it out himself as it must be heard to be seen apparently. Two words for you Emyr:- recite it!

And when her eyes shine
All life's stars lose their radiance
As the moon and the stars when the sun brings the day
And when her smile fades
All my heart feels it's absence
As the close of the day brings the dark of the night
For a flower is more than the sum of it's petals
And love is the power eternally bright.

Well that was nice Emyr. No need for tears - I've heard worse. I don't think you can start a sentence with 'and' though can you boy? And you said stars twice, three times really - because the sun's a star too isn't it? But well done anyway. What was it about?

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