Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Poem for the day

Well, well. We forgot to have a poem for the day yesterday and so to make up for this undersight we shall have one today instead. Today's rhymesmith is a young biglot from St. Harmon, Sara Jenkins. Sara says that English is a crude and sterile language, the bastard child of Angles and Germanians, and that it should not be on signposts. That's what happens if you send your children to the Welsh primary school, Mrs Jenkins. Sara claims her poems always sound much better in Welsh and I think there might be a touch of bias in her translations. Either that or she's rubbish.

The theist finds the heathen tragic:-
'You're all machine, but I am magic!'
The heathen smiles and says 'Let's see
Who first finds imm-or-tal-it-y.'

I don't know why she puts the dashes in - annoying isn't it? I think tomorrow we'd better have one from Glyn the fags the radiographer. Raise the bar a bit isn't it?


  1. Another gem!

    I'm really enjoying your blog. Keep it up.

    You do realise that about a year from now you'll have to gather and edit these into a book for some unscrupulous publisher to make you and he rich, don't you?

  2. Allan, I think WE should get into the publishing biz. No need to waste money on advances here I think. The poor chap just needs a new set of wheels for his car and enough pocket money to buy the laverbread he so obviously smokes to keep him high.