Monday, 26 October 2009

Poem for the day

Well indeed we are blessed today with a choice of poems. The Llanfihangel-y-Creuddun eisteddfod harmonised the village in united hatrocity towards the philistines of Cnwch-y-craig. Sioned is womanning the electric text-phone and your votes have been counted in advance. Judging at an eisteddfod is of course subjective, and much influenced by mead. Perhaps this explains the success of Abercreuddun's two and lonely Parch. Owen hosan hir/God tag-team with his religiositepic entitled 'PSSSSSSST!'. Sioned says she won't type the title out twice. You'll have to imagine it. He's written it in English again, and it really doesn't suit him does it?

PSSSSSSSSST! (oooh diolch Sioned nice baps)

I'm omnipotent God, it was me! me who made
All Creation wherever you look
I just wanted to say, in an impotent way
Could you help me in writing this book?

For I'm tired now it's done, and in need of a rest
And your writing's much neater than mine
And I'm sure all the world will be greatly impressed
In a mere few millennia's time.

Please make haste! for there's millions hell-bound unsaved
And the brimstone is bad for the health
Oh if only telepathy charges were waived
I would tell them directly myself.

I omnisciently know - and that's knowing a lot -
I could tell them and not touch free will
But utility funds go on keeping hell hot
And not my telepathy bill.

My mysterious ways and the evil at large
Keep philosophers ever obsessed
But the truth is I'm broke - a celestial joke
And I don't want my clouds reposessed.


  1. You need an illustrator and a book deal as soon as possible. You will turn millions to the dark side. Bad Bard! Blasted Blake! Bloody Brilliant!

  2. The above is true - you must be published. I want a collection of these on my bookshelf. They are absolutely joyous.